Pedal Box Pro For the Can Am Spyder (1330 Engines) Will NOT Fit Spyder 2024

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PedalBox Pro for the Can Am Spyder (1330 engines)

RT 2014-2023 and F3 2015-2023


Will NOT Fit Spyder 2024

The PedalBox Pro is a throttle response controller that has electronic accelerator pedals. It improves throttle response by removing delays in the accelerator, resulting in enhanced driveability. The PedalBox Pro has five preset programs: City, Sport, Sport+, ECO and Stock. Each program offers a different level of throttle response, from more relaxed to more aggressive. The PedalBox Pro can also be fine-tuned to the rider's individual preferences.

The PedalBox Pro is a simple and easy-to-install device. It plugs directly into the bike's wiring harness and takes just a few minutes to connect. 

The PedalBox Pro is a great way to improve the performance of your bike. It provides a more responsive and engaging driving experience, and it can also help you save fuel. The PedalBox Pro is a great value for the price!

Here are some of the benefits of using the PedalBox Pro:

  • Improved throttle response
  • Enhanced driveability
  • More relaxed or more aggressive riding experience
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Easy to install and use  

5 Driving Programmes For Even More Driving Fun

With the new PedalBox Pro, you have the possibility to shape your driving pleasure even more individually. The driving programmes City, Sport, Sport Plus and the new Eco mode are available for this purpose.

CITY: The City mode is perfectly designed for stop-and-go in city traffic. It ensures an improved throttle response in the low rev range.

SPORT: The Sport mode already significantly increases throttle response and is suitable for most driving situations. The engine responds more spontaneously: A real plus in dynamics, which the driver feels especially during overtaking manoeuvres. 

SPORT PLUS: The Sport Plus mode features optimised throttle response across the entire rev range. A more aggressive response that pulls you ahead on the track.


ECO: The Eco mode saves fuel on every journey. To do this, the programme reduces fuel consumption by limiting aggressive and sporty acceleration. The response behaviour is programmed for economical consumption. 

Full control at all times. Thanks to the wireless radio remote control, you always have your PedalBox Pro with you on your key ring and can thus control all functions very comfortably and secure your vehicle via the new Pro features. At the same time, the module becomes invisible in the footwell, so that PedalBox Pro fits perfectly into your vehicle interior.
The PedalBox Pro also has a modern smartphone interface that allows central functions of the system to be controlled via smartphone. To pair the PedalBox Pro with your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone, please download the app.


Save Fuel In Eco Mode
Drive Safely In Limit Mode

PedalBox Pro opens up new possibilities for you. Be safe on the road with Limit Mode or save valuable fuel in Eco mode.

ECO MODE: Save fuel now with PedalBox Pro. In Eco mode, the vehicle's response behaviour is reduced, resulting in lower fuel consumption. No abrupt starts, no extreme acceleration, no unnecessary downshifting of your automatic transmission. 

LIMIT MODE: Be safe on the road at all times for you and other drivers. With Limit mode, novice driver in the family or hotel employees can always be sure of safety and control when valet parking and while driving, especially in powerful vehicles with a lot of traction in the throttle.

Therefore, the programme reduces the throttle response and limits the opening of the throttle cap up to a certain point. To achieve this, the maximum position of the throttle can be set individually. Approx. 20% (suitable for city traffic/valet parking), 50% (standard setting) or 80% (prevents strong acceleration).

Immobiliser With Integrated Anti-Theft ProtectionMore Security For Your Vehicle

Protect your vehicle effectively against theft with the PedalBox Pro. The integrated immobiliser only releases your vehicle at every start when your personal PedalBox Pro Remote is recognised or your securely coupled smartphone is within range.

Don't give thieves a chance even with keyless go! The PedalBox Pro effectively protects you against the well-known security gap that continues to exist in countless types of vehicles. Many vehicle types make it easy for thieves to override your car key. PedalBox does not offer thieves this possibility and thus additionally secures your vehicle against theft.